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TV, VoD, Sky Adsmart ...which one is right for you?

If you’re new to the world of advertising, it may seem difficult to decide what is the best way to show your TV ad. Don’t worry, we can demystify the process for you. Here are some simple overviews of what you can expect from the various options.



With TV you buy advertising time (media) on a percentage of your chosen demographic. For example, you might buy advertising space that will reach 10% of the UK’s 16-34 year olds. This would get you 10 ‘TVR’s’ (television ratings). 


Buying media by TVR’s supersedes buying ‘tv slots’ which would most likely not deliver your ad to the right number of people (imagine if all your slots were at 4am).


Standardly, you can choose from 13 different demographic categories, such as ’16-34 women’ or ‘ABC1 adults’ with prices starting at as little as 0.28p per show.

Here are some more facts and figures you might find interesting:


1) Prices start at £2.80 per thousand impacts ( showings) and average at £6.50 per thousand impacts.


2) TV has the biggest reach of all media, reaching 96% of UK residents in a month.


3) You can choose from 13 demographics, and you only pay for the people you reach. Also, you don’t pay if someone skips the ad break.


4) It is associated with quality ('as seen on TV') and ‘fame’.




This is Video on Demand but is often called catch-up TV. ITV player, 4 on Demand and Sky Go are all examples of the VoD service offered by broadcasters. VoD is an excellent solution for smaller budgets and more targeted demographics. Your commercial is shown at the beginning of (or in ad breaks) of the programme. 

Here are some things to consider when deciding if VoD is right for you

1)  Prices are more expensive than TV starting at around £25 per thousand, but your ad is more likely to be seen by your target market with superior demographic targeting. You can even request your ad to be played with a particular TV show in certain circumstances, giving you a sponsorship-type effect. You can also start on a lower budget (as little as £2,000).


2)  Viewers can ‘click’ through to your website, or landing page, right there on their computer while the programme is paused.


3)   VoD can be targeted to an even closer demographic using Experian data and ‘geo-targeting’. Geo-targeting means you can target a postcode, town or county.


Sky Adsmart

Sky Adsmart is a unique way to target your perfect demographic. Using cutting edge technology and the Sky box (Sky Q). As an advertiser you can utilise over 1000 different touch points and play your ad out to a very specific demographic. Examples of the categories are dog owners, 'empty nesters', people who take along haul flights, families who are expecting a new-born etc. These demographics can be joined together for even more accurate targeting: so you could target people with a South facing garden in Wimbledon who own cats.


If you want to see how the process works we have made a short film here.

If you want to ask us more, just e-mail us for an answer.

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