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Artist contracts and fair pay

As well as finding you the right voice talent, we can also take care of the contractual agreements on your behalf. The price you pay for a voice-over artist or actor will vary depending on the usage, how 'famous' they are and the amount of script they are required to read.

We believe in getting the best deal for both you and the talent we commission. There is no requirement in the UK to pay any specific amount of money above and beyond minimum wage, but good talent and experience are worth every penny. Studio rates for professional voice-over artists start at around £250 per hour; a one-off payment of the studio fee is also required. Then, it's down to the number of viewings. We are always mindful of the actors' union (Equity) pay structure, but sometimes we can negotiate around these guidelines depending on usage and viewership.

If you need more advice on artist contracts, please e-mail us.


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