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Need just a bit of production?

If you need a few tweaks to a TV commercial, you've come to the right place. If you need just Clearcast problem. A new end frame...we've got you covered. Editing costs start at just £80 per hour and, with a minimum of just a single hour, our services won't break the bank.

Please note when altering a commercial we need permission from the original creator to avoid copyright issues.


Clearcast Entry

From £140

Initial Report  FREE

First Clearcast entry £140

Script transcribing £60

Alterations £25

Final Video Entry £150

Adding Clock £150 per clock


Post Production

From £65 per hour

Changing end frames,

adding supers etc. £65 per hour

Script writing £85 per hour

Artist negotiations,

copyright and licensing £85 per hour

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Creative Services

Voice overs & music

We access highly skilled voice over artists and a huge libraries of music to find just the right tone for your ad.

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