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Buying Media

When you decide that you are going to advertise on TV, you will need 2 different agencies: a creative agency and a media buyer. While the creative agency will design your commercial and deal with all the technical aspects of the delivery, the media buyer will buy the airtime on which your ad will be broadcast. It is possible to buy this airtime directly from the broadcaster, but the disadvantage is that they will only be able to buy airtime on their channel. This may be fine for small budgets but you may want to scatter your ad further across all channels. A media buyer can buy airtime from any number of channels.

Media buyers work on commission from the TV channels so you don't pay for their services directly. It is important to get a media buyer who is sympathetic to your budget. Some agencies prefer not to deal with lower budgets, while others are happy to help no matter what the budget is.

We don't buy media ourselves, but can put you in touch with the perfect media buyer for your product, or introduce you directly to the broadcasters. Media can be purchased for as little as  £2,000 for VoD and £3,000 on Sky Adsmart.

Although we work closely with various media buyers, we are fiercely independent from them. We don't take commission on introductions and our recommendations are without bias.

If you need more advice on media buying, or a recommendation please e-mail us


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