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ADVERTISE ON TV- Target your perfect customer



We specialise in TV admin. We can make your TV commercial happen!

Do you need Clearcast approval for your ad? We do that! Want free advice about buying TV airtime (media)? We can help with that! Do you need to check if your ad complies with copyright requirements? No problem! Looking for a great voice-over artist? We know who fits the bill...

 Our first meeting is free and without obligation. We even give you a report on whether you use our services or not.

TV ad Approval

Clearcast approval. We're all over it! 

If you plan to run an ad in the UK, you must get your commercial approved by the UK broadcaster's compliance process called Clearcast. Most broadcasters use this service for digital Video on-demand and traditional broadcast TV.

From as little as £140, we can take care of this process for you, submitting your ad and advising you on changes that will make it compliant. 

Please note: Clearcast is a free-to-use service;

our fees cover our time and expertise.

Marketing 101

Before your TV ad airs, it's important to get your ducks in a row!

Most viewers won't have a pen to hand to write down your contact details when they see your TV ad. Their first port of call is likely to be a Google search, so it's essential to ensure you have an impressive web presence and your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is at its best. You might want to consider Google advertising with Pay Per Click (PPC).

Many new businesses think social media is a magic bullet to consumer awareness, but with 50 million small businesses registered on Facebook alone, it's a pretty crowded marketplace. Combining TV with social media, however, is a great way to make sure you stand out.

How TV ads work

TV reaches 94.9% of the UK every week so you can target out to your perfect customer.

Reasons to advertise on TV : 

1. TV is surprisingly inexpensive. At less than ⅓p per showing, it's cheaper than many other types of advertising. You can also start a campaign for as little as £3,000.

2. TV advertising delivers. TV ads work in conjunction with the Broadcasters Audience Research Board(BARB), which monitors who is watching and when. BARB has systems that help identify audience behaviour to ensure that you don't pay for ads that viewers skip.

3. TV's new technologies, 'geo' and 'data' targeting, have the capability to hone in on specific demographics. If you want to play your ad out only to cat owners with a south-facing garden in Wimbledon, that's no problem!

4. TV makes you famous. TV has a certain caché. The possibility to say 'as seen on TV' gives you kudos that is difficult to find in other media.

5. TV has reach. No other media can reach

the same proportion of the UK  population as

TV can.


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MEDIA BUYING- TV won't break the bank

Media Buying


TV can be less than ⅓p per showing, but how do you buy ad space to show it?

'Media' is the airtime you buy for your ad. Broadcasters (ITV, Sky, C4 and 5, etc.) sell it either directly to you or through agents known as media planners (or media buyers). 

Buying media directly through the broadcasters will mean your ad will only air on their channels ( i.e. for ITV, you get ITV, ITV2, ITV3, etc). This may be ideal for smaller budgets up to £10k. Larger budgets may benefit from experienced planners with systems to spread your spending expertly across a larger selection of broadcasters, cherry-picking the best airtime for your product. We can point you in the right direction to find the best media buyer for your product and budget. The good news is you don't pay for their services (they make their money on commission from the broadcaster).

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Design and Production

When it comes to design and production, get exactly the right amount.

It can often be difficult to get just the right amount of production; enough to do the job beautifully, but not so much that it breaks the budget!


We have created a production service where you pay just £80 per hour, with a minimum booking of a single hour.

With 35 years experience we offer an exemplary award-winning design service at an incredibly accessible cost.

So if you need a new end problem. Adding some legal text to a commercial?...It's a breeze. Creating a whole new section of animation?...It's all in a day's work.

If you require a full design service for TV commercials, social media content or product videos, please visit our sister site,

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Audio services

Just the right music or voice-over can make your ad pitch perfect!

Even the most stunning visuals benefit from the right soundtrack. A voice-over is an opportunity to add another layer of information and good music really sets the right tone.

If you need an audio track, or maybe the current one you have just doesn't cut the mustard, we can help. We have access to a wide range of exemplary voice talent and diverse music libraries. We can expertly direct your audio session using our trusted sound studios at incredible value and organise artists' payments and usage rights on your behalf.

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